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February 25, 2018
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About Me
Thank you for visiting my personal website! 
I need to get to know you, I feel you should know me too.

I grew up in the lower mainland of BC, good memories and good times.  I moved to Alberta in my early 20's, a fabulous 20 years in the Calgary & Strathmore area.  Our family then made a big decision to move further east in the summer of 2008 and we are now 6 beautiful years in Northern Ontario (West Nipissing Municipality) and experiencing a new journey.....life is great!  

I have been married to my amazing husband for 25 years and we have two fabulous teenagers, whom are growing up to be very impressive young men.

We are enjoying the beauties of Northern Ontario and its amazing landscape. 

I enjoy kayaking, swimming, long walks, campfires, listening to music and playing cards with my boys, lots of fun!

In my earlier years, I worked as an Admin in receivables and with an affiliate sales office for the TransUnion Credit Bureau.  This is where I gained a ton of knowledge and insight of the credit reporting system, collection accounts, effects of negative credit and strategies of fixing or improving  credit – the do’s and dont's – valuable knowledge to help all my clients!

I also worked at Westjet Airlines – an amazing experience, they really are a one-of-a-kind company.  My own personal values of the importance of our customers and clients were truly aligned with Westjet and I’m always thankful for the opportunity to have worked for such a great company.

We had a tendency to renovate our homes and move around a lot in the Calgary area and we were referred and utilized the services of mortgage broker’s twice to assist in arranging our financing. 

In late 2005, with another home reno completed and another move on the horizon.  I took it upon myself this time to work with our current bank directly.  Well, it did get done – but initially it was not for the term or product that I wanted with the bank – but what? – they thought this was better for us.  Huh?  Did they know us?  Mistakes!  This experience and the use of two mortgage brokers prior that made me more aware of the many variables that make a mortgage – mortgages are simply not created equal. I felt that they truly did not have our best interest and personal financial goals in mind.  Lacking in their listening skills and caring for their client’s wants was the detriment of their services.

Then, I worked with a couple very successful private financing lenders – mortgages, penalties, credit, income, debt ratio’s, home values, appraisals – what – the bank said no?  How can that be?  You may have a choice, did you check?  You might be able to fix your ‘hiccup’ – did you get help?  What…nobody to help you…

That was it, what was I waiting for...In 2006, I became a licensed AB Mortgage Associate and have never looked back.  The best career decision I ever made and if anything, I only wish I had found my calling sooner!  In 2008, I obtained my Ontario Mortgage Agent's license.

The combination of my work history, financing background, personal financial goals, our many experiences with buying/selling homes, our experiences with different banks and my passion to educate home owners about the better mortgage choices they really do have! 

My tenacity for the best and deep belief that personal attention matters – is what has brought me my success and continues to be the footprint I have built my business on.

I am an experienced Mortgage Professional helping Canadians from Coast to Coast to secure the best mortgage financing possible.  Located in West Nipissing, ON, helping first time home buyers, experienced home buyers, existing homeowners for refinancing and renewal and property investors to make an informed mortgage decision.  

I work for you, not the bank!  And I look forward to working with you! 

P.S.  Regardless if you have great credit or poor credit, high income or low income, established net worth or you're just starting out - there is a mortgage best tailored to each and everyone.

Think Outside the Branch.

Taya Weiszhaar
H.O. # 200, 310 Davenport Rd.
Toronto, ON
M5R 1K6
Phone: 705-758-1115
Mobile: 1-866-445-4021
Fax: 1-866-446-0696
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